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Random Musing

Discovered a really marvelous fanfiction — unfortunately it’s too long to fit in the margin. Fermat’s last fanfic? “Harry Potter and the Method of Rationality.” Witty, educational, not your ‘stereotypical’ fanfic at all. It got me thinking… What are … Continue reading

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Senatorial Earmark Irony

The news from Washington today is that the Senate came closer to (temporarily) banning earmarks than it has in years. 39 yea, 56 nay, 5 not voting. But what’s this? “S.Amdt. 4697 to S. 510 (FDA Food Safety Modernization Act).” … Continue reading

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Time to play Don Quixote again and take another useless sally against a dull stodgy windmill…. Letter to the editor in the local paper today: Banning earmarks won’t reduce debt So the Republicans have started their deficit-reduction plan. They chose … Continue reading

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Interstate highways: Porky all the way!

When Dwight Eisenhower first tried to get congress to ok his interstate highway plan in 1955, it failed in the house of representatives with 292 ‘nay’s and just 123 ‘yea’s. The next year, the same congress passed an essentially identical … Continue reading

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The word “freeway” has got to be one of the most masterful pieces of misdirection of all time. The term was supposedly coined to describe the fact that the road was “free” of annoying obstructions like stop signs and cross … Continue reading

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Review of “I.O.U.”, by John Lanchester

“I.O.U. ¬†Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay” by John Lanchester (Simon & Schuster). Hot off the press and on the 2-week shelf at the local library, this book sets itself the goal of explaining the 2008 mortgage … Continue reading

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Just speed up Amtrak, already

I just spent a few minutes looking at the Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s web page: They (We)’re doing it again. We want the biggest, fastest, coolest technology we can find. That’s how we ended up with our hugely … Continue reading

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