Senatorial Earmark Irony

The news from Washington today is that the Senate came closer to (temporarily) banning earmarks than it has in years.

39 yea, 56 nay, 5 not voting.

But what’s this? “S.Amdt. 4697 to S. 510 (FDA Food Safety Modernization Act).”

So… the attempt to ban earmarks — unrelated, random amendments that funnel money to special interests — is, itself, an unrelated, random amendment.

The only way this could have been more ironic would be if someone moved to amend the amendment so it included an earmark.

Sigh. Maybe someday someone will seriously start thinking about a federal anti-hog-house amendment. And they’ll propose it as an amendment to some bill to, I dunno, establish an S.P. Dinsmoor national historic site.

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