Just speed up Amtrak, already

I just spent a few minutes looking at the Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s web page: http://www.midwesthsr.org/

They (We)’re doing it again. We want the biggest, fastest, coolest technology we can find. That’s how we ended up with our hugely over-designed, over-loaded interstate highway system. Let’s try some short-range thinking.

Huge railroad mergers have happened in recent decades. Companies have, essentially, parallel lines all over the place. For instance, BNSF barely uses the old Southwest Chief route (Chicago-KC-Raton Pass-Albuquerque) any more because they have a more southerly route they’ve put all their money into double-tracking. In fact, New Mexico has already had to take over track rights to prevent abandonment. Suppose — just suppose, the Feds snagged that track from BNSF and started upgrading it in place — not to bullet train standards, but to, say, 110 mph minimum speeds across MO, KS, CO, and NM. Suddenly Amtrak is a lot faster than driving. No, it’s not as fast as an airplane, but, then again, nobody ever flew a train into a skyscraper.

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One Response to Just speed up Amtrak, already

  1. FRANK says:

    Yes, that is true, Historically, yes, Amtrak has had their share of derailments. thankfully it was not cause by train jack Amtrak into a tower. it was cause by the stupid nerds in FL on a Freight Boat in the Bridge, Then the Bridge that should had stop the Amtrak Train was too, too late. had the Bridge Speed Limit 10 mph. then it is possible to stop the Train in time cause, the CSX would had warn Amtrak Sunset Limited. unless I am mistaken, I don’t know of any Derailment sense September 11th, about 9 years ago.I can recall, stupid nerds going around gates. and on the Metro Link. other then that. I think that Amtrak and other Commuter Rail has had lucky safe Record. and thanks to the Freight Railway in FWD and New York for closing down the line while repairs were being made. then again, you can’t please the nerds know it all professionals. Thankfully, no one hurt, not even minor for 1st aid kit.
    The Professional know it all are also nick names Bullwinkle from the Cartoon age of the 1950’s when the Tracks rather Freight Amtrak /Commuter shares or owns. sooner or later. it must be repair. what would happen if an Stupid Airplane fell apart in the Air for sloppy repairs. God for Bid. as much as all Rail Fans. Safety comes first.

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