The Evil “Windows” Key

You know that key on Windows keyboards that has the little flying window picture on it? This was another obvious attempt by Microsoft to look more like a Mac — why they didn’t just eliminate a mouse button and delete the “End-of-Line” key and change “Backspace” to “Delete,” we’ll never know. Nor do we want to.

Anyhow, for us Lefties, that Windows key was a UI disaster. I would be typing along, and all of a sudden some random program would launch itself. That’s right; my finger slipped and I pressed “Window-R.” And then, occasionally, I’d suddenly find myself looking at an empty desktop. “Windows-D.”

Maybe it’s not a lefty thing. Maybe I’m the only one with fingers that bend that way. Whatever. The point is, I pried that stupid key loose several months ago and mounted it on the wall like a hunting trophy. I like it a lot better up there.

And I’m sure glad “Window-F” didn’t ever short-cut to “format hard drive.”

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